Links to press about The Violet Nines below:

”that whole ‘everything in its right place’ effect that occurs when a group of players are truly all on the same page and united in their vision” - JER, Sleeping Bag Studios 

”…with their tantalizing combination of strong lyrics and powerful instrumentals, The Violet Nines perfect a diverse blend of musical influences, bringing passion and focus to their sound” - The Bandcamp Diaries 

”smooth and sensual but it is also confident and commercial, the perfect pitch between chart territory and a more interesting, more underground roots world” - Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 

”Know this: There’s a strong 80s vibe running through The Violet Nines’ music" - Dan MacIntosh, Skope Magazine

”[The] Violet Nines have crafted an electrifying fusion of rock, jazz, funk, and pop based on each individual member’s expertise resulting in a post-modern avant-garde experience.” - Warlock Asylum 

”A spaced-out dreamy sound radiates from The Violet Nines... feels akin to a long-lost early 70s AM pop hit." -  Beach Sloth 

”The Violet Nines, a band I think has an outstanding name, play instruments masterfully, sing flawlessly, and most importantly, connect with listeners through heartwarming lyrical content.” - QD, Rating Game